Where do you land?

I was talking this morning with a group of friends that I meet with for Bible study weekly. I was sharing how difficult it is for me to deal with my emotions. Just yesterday I had a “the sky is falling” kind of day. In fact, at one point in the day, while Mr. Spice and I were having a disagreement, I said something along the lines of how we are always arguing and have never seen eye-to-eye in our whole marriage. He gently asked me why I was so grumpy, and said he disagreed with me that we are always fighting. Of course, even as I was saying it I could hear those little “always” and “never” words that are clues that I am speaking out of emotion and not fact.

Today I was sharing this story with my friends and one wise woman had these words for me :
We are women. We are made to feel. Our emotional make-up is a gift to the world and ourselves. But it can mean that sometimes our emotions take off with us. The question we must ask ourselves is this – where do you land? There are only two places to land – in Truth or in lie. On God’s side or the enemy of our soul. There is no middle ground.

What wisdom! So often I find my emotions are flying away with me. I am getting angry, grumpy, upset. The flight itself is often part of this weak and frail makeup as a human woman. But it doesn’t mean I have to land in a lie. I don’t have to take my grumpy day into a “our marriage is always failing” conversation. I can choose Life. I can choose Truth.

And when I do land in a lie (which I do too often), I have to repent to God, and ask forgiveness – usually to my husband. Thank God for His eternal patience with my female heart!


5 thoughts on “Where do you land?

  1. My emotions are a whirlwind roller-coaster sometimes, and unfortunately I take a lot of it out on my husband. BUT, I know that he was made for me because somehow he usually knows how to deal with my crazy emotions. I do have to say that on a purely hormonal level, I do feel that my PMS mood swings have leveled out since taking a low dose hormone birth control. It’s tough though, because there are times when my head is telling me that what I’m saying and arguing about is irrational, but my emotions don’t listen,and I often land in a lie & take it out on those around me, but since I hold it in at work, it gets let out at home. Thanks Annabel – it’s refreshing to hear that others struggle with this too!

  2. Thank you! I am not normally what I consider to be an emotional person. However, due to recent issues I find myself riding a roller coaster of heart rending feelings. I know I need to hold these up to Truth, and trust that God has everything in control.

  3. Struggled with this myself this past weekend. Making broad statements, exaggerations etc. My husband is very good to point them out to me as well. Although I don’t like the correction at the time, it has helped our overall communication. Because of him bringing that to my attention in the past, I often stop and correct myself to try and use more accurate language. Exaggerations really are lies, things stretched or minimized in our favor. Every trusting relationship needs honesty to survive, especially marriage.

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