Marriage Resources

The Marriage Bed
– A great site with a Biblical perspective on sex. Tackles just about every subject out there!

The Marriage Bed Boards
– A place to find community & get insight and wisdom on some challenging topics.

Intimacy In Marriage
– A blog about helping women create intimacy in marriage. A wonderful resource if you are the low desire wife, but this page in particular is aimed for us who are high desire wives & in a marriage where our intimacy needs aren’t being met. Good stuff here!

2 thoughts on “Marriage Resources

  1. Hello. I have read your posts, and I wonder if the Schedule IT idea of Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo might be a tool for you in your situation. You can listen to their podcast, presenting how they did this at:

    My wife and I used this to jump-start our marriage two years ago. We went from less than once a month in 2010 to 3-4x a week for the past two years. At least have a listen and see if it might be a resource for your readers to try, if they have generous, loving husbands.

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